Subsequent QC, LLC (“SQC”) is a premier provider of Servicing Quality Control audit solutions for mortgage lenders and servicers. With extensive experience in servicing quality control and servicing operational due diligence, we focus exclusively on managing servicing risk for our clients. SQC is the partner of choice for bridging the gap between servicing compliance and risk.


Steve Sinn is the Director of Administration.  Steve has more than 39 years of experience in mortgage loan servicing operations, master servicing oversight, and corporate internal audit with multiple prime and subprime institutions.

Prior to joining SQC, Steve was the Vice President of Internal Audit at Residential Credit Solutions, responsible for risk assessment; audit program development; process evaluation; conducting compliance/operational audits for the Loan Servicing Division; and independent testing/support for the external auditors.

Steve’s auditing experience also included working at Aames Investment Corporation, as the Internal Audit Manager, where he was responsible for not only auditing Corporate operations and Loan Servicing, but he was also engaged to perform targeted fraud investigations for the Lending Division.  Additionally, Steve has also worked in master servicing oversight and compliance for FHLMC and GMAC/RFC, and held numerous servicing operations management positions at, but not limited to, Bank of America, Aames Home Loan, and Coast Federal Bank.

Steve has been an associate member of the Institute of Internal Auditors and Certified Fraud Examiners since 2002.