Subsequent QC, LLC (“SQC”) is a premier provider of Servicing Quality Control audit solutions for mortgage lenders and servicers. With extensive experience in servicing quality control and servicing operational due diligence, we focus exclusively on managing servicing risk for our clients. SQC is the partner of choice for bridging the gap between servicing compliance and risk.

“Iris” Maria Zavala – Senior Servicing Quality Control Auditor

“Iris” Maria Zavala is a Senior Servicing QC Auditor for SQC.  She has more than 14 years in the industry, including 7 years working for service providers supporting the mortgage servicing industry. At SQC, Iris is responsible for performing loan-level reviews of servicing portfolios, comparing activity and practices against FNMA, FHLMC, HUD, State and Federal guidelines and regulations.

Prior to joining SQC, Iris worked in property tax management for one of the largest tax servicers in the nation, Lereta, LLC, where she was responsible for the oversight of its principal client’s property tax activity in all U.S. territories.  Prior to that, she worked in the Loan Servicing division of Residential Credit Solutions (f.k.a. Aames Home Loan), in the hazard insurance, loss drafts, and property taxes departments.  Additionally, Iris worked at FIS Tax Services in providing training, conducting research, and disbursements of property taxes.