Subsequent QC, LLC (“SQC”) is a premier provider of Servicing Quality Control audit solutions for mortgage lenders and servicers. With extensive experience in servicing quality control and servicing operational due diligence, we focus exclusively on managing servicing risk for our clients. SQC is the partner of choice for bridging the gap between servicing compliance and risk.

Diane Paul – Servicing Quality Control Manager

Diane Paul is the Servicing QC Manager, with over 35 years of experience in the mortgage loan servicing industry spanning multiple institutions, product lines, and functional areas.  She has worked extensively with single family, multi-family, and commercial defaulted loans, assessing strategies to assist the customer, while maintaining compliance with investor and regulatory guidelines.

Prior to joining SQC, Diane was the AVP/Unit Lead over the Home Retention Group at Bank of America focusing on troubled assets (90+ days delinquent, foreclosures, and bankruptcies).  She collaborated with counsel and the executive management team to mitigate losses, identify areas for operational improvement, develop policies and procedures, and acted as the primary resource for “high value” customers.  Diane also led other teams within Bank of America, including the CoreLogic/Bank of America Tax Services Corporation channel, which focused on recovery of funds inadvertently remitted to erroneous taxing agencies.  

Additionally, Diane also held multiple long tem lead positions with Chase Bank (FKA Washington Mutual) and Coast Federal Bank crossing all functional areas of loan servicing, including, but not limited to, asset administration, collections, loss mitigation, taxes/insurance, compliance, and customer service.