Subsequent QC, LLC (“SQC”) is a premier provider of Servicing Quality Control audit solutions for mortgage lenders and servicers. With extensive experience in servicing quality control and servicing operational due diligence, we focus exclusively on managing servicing risk for our clients. SQC is the partner of choice for bridging the gap between servicing compliance and risk.

Debbie Anderson – Servicing Quality Control Auditor

Debbie is a Servicing QC Auditor II, with more than 37 years of experience in the mortgage loan servicing industry. Her servicing experience expands to Consumer Loans, Mortgage Loans, and Home Equity Loans.  Debbie expertise is in areas of Collections, Loss Mitigation, Consumer Advocacy and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau guidelines.

Prior to joining SQC, Debbie was the Assistant Vice President at Bank of America over the Consumer Advocacy and Home Retention Department.  Her responsibilities included managing the intake and pipeline of loans in Loss Mitigation, including the auditing of mortgage loans as they traveled through the loan servicing process.

In addition, Debbie has lead various teams throughout her career with Chase Bank (FKA Washington Mutual) and Security Pacific Bank in Collections, Loan Modifications, Short Sales, Deed in Lieu, Forbearance and Repayment Plans, Payoff and Demand Departments.