Subsequent QC, LLC (“SQC”) is a premier provider of Servicing Quality Control audit solutions for mortgage lenders and servicers. With extensive experience in servicing quality control and servicing operational due diligence, we focus exclusively on managing servicing risk for our clients. SQC is the partner of choice for bridging the gap between servicing compliance and risk.

Due to the complexity of the current mortgage regulatory environment, it is challenging for mortgage servicers to maintain compliance with the constantly changing guidelines.  Investors, Warehouse Banks, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD and the CFPB all require servicers to continually monitor and audit its servicing operations or subservicer.

SQC provides a solution for constant monitoring and ensuring you have the tools to effectively gauge performance.  We provide a thorough, independent and objective loan-level review of your servicing performance from loan boarding through final disposition.   

The team at SQC consists of seasoned professionals with extensive background in loan servicing operations, master servicing, loan purchase auditing, repurchase reviews, insurance and property tax services, risk management, internal auditing, and compliance.  We are committed to:

  • Continuous portfolio surveillance of regulatory compliance
  • Protecting your MSR value
  • Identifying systemic risks
  • Mitigating costly penalties
  • Strengthening your internal and external audit preparedness
  • Assessing your internal control environment